Society For Better Pet Shops

How You Can Help Us

There are currently limited ways in which you can help us achieve our goals. These are:

  • Apply For One Of The Vacant Job Roles
  • Inform Us Of Any Pet Shops You Feel Need Looking Into
  • Sign Any Petitions We May Come Up With

More ways in which you can help will be added as the society progresses.

Vacant Job Roles

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

Vice President - to take meetings if president cannot and to help president and other members when needed.

Secretary - to take meeting notes and keep a list of whose doing what.

Researchers - to do vital research needed to move on.

Publicists - to help with advertising and fundraising.

Please only apply if you are seriously commited to the role.

If you wish to apply plese email us (email address is in the contact us section) with the following details:

Your Name

Which Job Role You Would Like

Why You Think You Would Be Good At It